I have been competing in athletics most of my life, becoming involved with Triathlon in 1987. I started coaching properly in 1985 when I joined my present Athletics club, which also has a Triathlon section.
I have competed in all distances from 800m to marathon and from sprint to Ironman in Triathlon. My times vary from 2min 12secs for 800m to 2hrs 39mins for a Marathon, and in Triathlon a 60min sprint distance to 10hrs 38mins for Ironman.

My present client base includes all standards from the very fit to the complete beginner, with the majority concerned with general fitness, health, weight loss and well being.

Don?t let my sporting background put you off, these are my interests and sports that I enjoy (well, most of the time). When training clients it is your goals and aspirations that interest me.

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When you take on a coach he or she should be working towards only one persons goals and aspirations - yours. This is what I work to achieve with each individual client.
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