What is Sports Therapy, you may well ask?

It is the treatment of soft tissue injury such strains, sprains and muscle tears. Many of these are received while participating in sport.

Do I treat only sports related injuries?

No. I treat bricklayers, hairdressers, computer whiz kids, in fact anyone with a problem.

What does the treatment involve?

Mostly the use of sports massages and manipulation. Advice is given on rehabilitation and a return to training - it is very important to establish the cause of the injury if it is not obvious. Prevention is always better than cure, both from my client?s point of view and mine.

I suggest a sports massage every four weeks to try and avoid potential injuries as regular treatments help avoid over use injuries, one of the most common injury problems.

A great number of top sports stars use sports massage as part of their training two or three times a week. For the majority of us this is not affordable, but once every four weeks makes it more viable. This time period usually enables me to keep on top of most potential problems.

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