Thursday September 17th 2009 Another glorious summer

As another glorious summer comes to a close, it's time to reflect on one's performance and plan for next years attack on your chosen races and there is still a cross-country season plus a winter of road racing to look forward to. I hope that anyone reading this has had a good Tri season and have achieved all you set out to do, unless you are in the 55 - 59 male age group in which case I hope you went slower than me.

From a personal point I was happy with my season, I raced mostly local races this year and raced 13 times in all - 7 triathlons and 5 swim/run events (local series). The best event was the Cotswold Sprint and that's not just because I am involved with it. The worst event was the The Orca classic at Dorney Lake. It was expensive, no chip timing and the results were a complete cock-up, I was listed in the wrong age group even after I pointed this out to them, not one I would recommend.

Having had a good season (by my standards), I now have to try and workout what I did right.

Was it my new bike?
Which, by the way, still has not been rained upon or gotten dirty in any way, it was sunny at all seven triathlons I raced - Ferris weather forecasting can be obtained for a nominal fee.

Was it my wetsuit?
I swam in a different wetsuit this year and I did have the best swim times for a number of years (or are the courses short!).

Could it be my magnetic necklace?
See earlier blog.

Is it drinking beetroot juice?
This information is top secret, but I can be bought.

Am I getting younger?

Does Newcastle Brown really reverse the ageing process?
If so can I make the 2012 Olympics?

There is so much to think about, no wonder I am so crap at keeping my blog up to date.

Posted by Lynn Ferris at 20:58 GMT